How to Throw a Better Curveball in Pokemon GO

I’ve been a big fan of Pokemon GO! since its release and have leveled my way up to 22. However, I’ve only just figured out how to throw a decent curve ball. Why throw a curve ball? Because you gain extra experience and (supposedly) have a greater chance of catching the targeted pokemon.

If you’re like me, you stumbled across the curve ball when one of your less-than-straight throws glittered spectacularly, but ultimately missed your target by a wide margin. When I saw that first curve ball, I made more attempts to toss the perfect curve ball by making parabola-shaped gestures of varying forces and widths. Then, while attempting to save a pokeball from a dodging Rattata, the pokeball I had been holding started to spin! As an experiment, I threw the ball diagonal gesture, but in a straight line. Sure enough, the ball made a clean arc and…missed the Rattata, I had overthrown the target. With a lighter toss, I was able to catch the little bugger with ease and a grabbed bonus XP from all of the curve-bally-goodness. With a few more practice tosses, I’m finding a great increase in my success rate of catching pokemon. By using this technique, you can more accurately predict your throws and not get foiled by the ball that randomly curves away from your target.

The technique to throw a great curve ball is simple, just “grab” the ball and spin it rapidly in little circles, by doing so you “wind” the ball up. Whenever you’re ready, launch the ball in a straight (but diagonal) line at your target in the opposite direction that the ball is spinning. If that doesn’t make sense, I took a screen recording of me catching a drowzee using this technique, check it out:

I’m super excited for all of the extra XP and looking forward to an easier time catching pokemon. I hope this post helped you in your pokemon go! adventures!

Feel free to hit me up on twitter (@kshankin) if you have any questions (or just want to say “hi”).