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Founding Date

February 16th, 2016




511 Olde Town Rd. Suite 82326, Rochester MI, 48308

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Kyle Shankin kyle@funplusplus.com


Fun++ is a one man game development studio in the Metro Detroit area, Michigan.


Super Early History
It all began on Christmas morning 1991, when Kyle Shankin received his first Nintendo and became hooked on Super Mario Brothers and Duckhunt. As with most young children, video games became a cornerstone in Kyle's life and all of his free time was spent playing games. But more than just playing the games, Kyle spent hours mastering
them, learning about their background stories, how they worked, how they felt and their flaws. Games were a fantastic puzzle.

Early History
Fast forward 24 years to winter 2015, a Christmas holiday facilitated the Kyle's exploration into the open source game library LibGDX. Two weeks later, Kyle had created a basic game where bubbles floated their way onto the screen and players burst the bubbles to gain points. Revitalizing an old love video games with a new love of programming, Kyle started Fun++ as a mean to continue his hobby of creating video games and released Pop the Stuff in February, 2016. The rest of 2016 and part of 2017 would be spent continuing to learn all about the art and business of creating video games.

Fun++ is an outlet which produces casual, light-hearted and fun games that can be played over mobile phones and PCs.


Kyle Shankin

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