I’m still around!

I haven’t streamed in two full weeks now (possibly a little more even), life has just been too busy. Rest assured, more streaming and updates will be coming soon, I’m just trying to wrap up a couple of projects around my house to get it renter-ready. We also had a crazy curveball thrown at us last night when our dog, who has never had any issues before, had two seizures. My wife and I were worried all night and neither one of us got much sleep.

In any case I’ll just keep pushing and I’m going to try and squeeze some game dev with streaming in this week. We’ll come out the other side eventually.

Kicking Off Again

My name is Kyle and I’ve been developing games before and after work (and between life events) for the past 3 years or so. I’ve never stopped working on my games, I did stop telling people about them and, as a result, I’ve never really finished a project; but that’s all about to change. Today I’m kicking off being more social. I have re-instated the Fun++ website, I have a nice little landing page for Pop the Stuff , I’ll be re-creating the MagicalJukebox site (unfortunately some of it may be lost to data corruption), and I’ll be more active in posting what’s happening in all of the projects that I’m working on.  I’m excited to see what comes of this new trek.