A Nice Long Stream Session

I had a nice game development streaming session tonight for Pop the Stuff. Just under 4 hours of development time went in and productivity came out as a result :D.  A handful of people stopped by to join in on the fun and talk shop about Java.

I’ve broken the game play up into rounds, to give the players a little break to celebrate their triumph over the previous round. A new HUD was also implemented which displays the score at a better resolution and highlights the multiplier.

On the next stream, I plan on tweaking the layout of the HUD (just a little bit).

New Heads Up Display Designed

I designed a new heads up display which better focuses on the players score and the multiplier bonus that they are receiving. You may also notice that there is now a clear bar running underneath the scoreboard, this was done intentionally for visual effects of having the solutions on either side of the hud spill over to it’s opposite end.

Pop the Stuff updated heads up display

A New Score Screen for Pop The Stuff

This evening I streamed a 1.5 hour game development session on the Fun++ Twitch channel. I can happily say that the stream was a success! A couple of people tuned in and a new score screen was designed:

The new score screen for Pop the Stuff
The new score screen for Pop the Stuff

If you missed the live stream fear not! I will be doing more as I work through some of the updates that I’m making to¬†Pop the Stuff. I also recorded the game development session and will be posting it to the Fun++ YouTube channel just as soon as I do some light editing (I’ll also embed the video in this post)¬†the recording¬†is available on the Fun++ YouTube channel,¬†you can also view it below :).